Wegmans, the beloved grocery store brand that regularly tops Fortune’s list of “Best Places to Work,” was developing a Mexican restaurant for it’s newest store in Natick, a suburb of Boston. The store would be the first of its kind, a two level experience in an upscale mall. Wegmans had tapped Chef Roberto Santibanez to lead the restaurant, but needed to fully develop the restaurant story and help it create collateral that would communicate “destination restaurant.”

Wegmans wanted an authentic name for the restaurant, but also something easy for non-Spanish speakers to pronounce. Blue Dalia, a catchy name with an intriguing story, became the symbol and name for the restaurant. The dalia is Mexico’s national flower, and it has been successfully cultivated in every color except for blue. However, people have never stopped trying. Over time, the phrase “blue dalia” became a figure of speech for “striving for the impossible.” The flower became a symbol of the restaurant's commitment to market-fresh ingredients, bold Mexican flavors, and exceptional service.

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