Terranea Resort is located on 102-acres just south of Los Angeles. The destination boasts an impressive culinary approach. Executive Chef Bernard Ibarra sources many ingredients for the property’s eight restaurants from right on property. The resort has more than 120,000 honeybees, presses olive oil from local olives, gathers and produces sea salt with water from the Pacific Ocean in salt beds at Terranea’s Sea Salt Conservatory, and tends to the resort’s chickens, collecting their fresh eggs to be integrated into menu offerings. From land to sea, Terranea’s cuisine embraces the beauty and tastes of the peninsula. The af&co./Carbonate team has been fortunate to work with the Terranea team on a number of restaurant projects, helping to communicate this level of craft. When the team remodeled the signature restaurant Catalina Kitchen we supported the operations team in bringing the story to life with programming creation as well as visual and verbal brand identity development. Our team worked to bring this feeling into all collateral and guest touch points, focusing on a chef’s notebook concept for collateral and identifying unique culinary experiences for promotions and packages. We also supported the launch strategy, carefully managing the evolution of a restaurant that maintained great popularity with locals.

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