Our team was approached by the owners of JACK’S, a family owned and operated group of restaurants in the bay area, to refine their brand and position the company for future expansion. Currently with five locations, JACK’S has built its reputation and success from the ground up with old school family values, exuberant personalities, a tiresome work ethic and really great food. However, as they expand, that in-house presence needs to be communicated beyond the owners’ day-to-day presence in each restaurant. They also needed to ensure Jack’s was positioned as an all day, every day kind of place - great for a casual breakfast or lunch, but also a nice place for a date or celebration. With a great foundation to work from, our team set out to bring the most compelling aspects of the JACK’S story and brand to the forefront by showcasing their family story and personalities across all touchpoints including website, menus, and merchandise.

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