Chattanooga is a bustling city known for its burgeoning tech sector and outdoor recreation. Prior to launching their new property, the ownership of the soon-to-be built Hotel Indigo approached Carbonate to help create an all-day dining destination that would appeal to not only their guests, but the youthful and adventurous locals of Chattanooga. After distilling the local team’s insights into the region we took a deep dive into the market to determine areas of opportunity - ultimately providing them with recommendations for the concept positioning, menu, and brand.

Exploring multiple paths of inspiration related to Adventure, Travel, and the Great Outdoors, we arrived at the name, Wanderer. It’s a name that not only communicates the spirit of the concept, but also provides the operators with flexibility to change the menu and offerings as they hone the experience over time. The name also provided our design team with a clear path forward to bring those areas of inspiration to life through the restaurants visual identity.

Naming, Logo, Visual & Verbal Identity


The resulting visual system revolves around themes of navigation in order to help tell the concept story and create a meaningful connection for the guest. The Wanderer logo is based on a compass with a proprietary typeface indicative of trail signage lettering. The menu layout references a trail map with it’s ‘z’ fold structure and is given depth with topographic patterns pulled from the Chattanooga region. Unique touch points consist of a ‘field notes’ guide book, cork branded coasters, and a custom W paperclip to help bind pieces of collateral to the menu.